Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Survey Says...

SEXY GIRL was supposed to be released today, but I was too excited and everything was done with the launch page, so I released it before midnight yesterday. I hope you have had a chance to check it out, and download it for your listening pleasure. If not, CLICK HERE to enjoy a slice of electro/POP/R&B/ROCK/DANCE Heaven.

I have gotten some feedback and reviews, and I am so humbled by all the love and excitement for the new music. I wish I could claim the song as my own, but alas I do not own the copyright to the production. But, it was an awesome learning experience nonetheless. I got to record in Denver at a BOMB studio and work with some amazing folks.

The funniest critique I get from the song is that the listener is SURPRISED at the edginess of the song. Meaning, "why is goody-mormon-virginal-Bobby singing a song like this?" Well, to be honest, I just wanted to do something sexy and fun that showed some edge in comparison to my previous work. I'm not going balls to the walls man whore or anything now, but it's fun to appreciate the sexy side of life.

On that note, I hope all is going well in your world, and that the song touches you...in more ways than one hehe. I am hoping that this new track will parlay into other projects where I can work with more talented folks on original music that features my song writing skills. So, stay tuned and I hope I have good news for you on the next blogpost.

SEXY GIRL by BobbyAdan

Monday, February 28, 2011

3.1.2O11 TOMORROW!

SEXY GIRL will be available as a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD starting at 12AM (Tuesday 3.1.2011) on www.BobbyAdan.com!

Please download the song and let me know what you think. SEXY GIRL is a slice of dance, up-tempo POP/R&B/ELECTRO/ROCK music for your listening pleasure. This song is best played in the car, ipod, and bedroom.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well kids, I was in the studio yesterday finishing up recording SEXY GIRL, and it was a BLAST. I initially went in last week, but due to scheduling conflicts, I had to finish up yesterday. I went in for 1 hour to do the final mix with my engineer Andy, and ended up spending 3 hours tweeking away. The absolute final mix is almost done and I will let you know when you can download it. The pic above is a shot from earlier in the week when Jordin Sparks, and Leona Lewis came to the studio where I was recording. If you didn't know, Ryan Tedder is a local superstar here in Denver, and produces hits for many TOP 40 acts that you are familiar with. Below is me in the booth where I had to recut the bridge on SEXY GIRL. Fun fact, I met the super cool owner of the studio yesterday and he informed me that Enrique Iglesias recorded his hit TONIGHT I'M F***ING YOU on the same mic as me.

This is wifey And here's wifey Kat...playing on her phone while Andy and I mixed and edited away. Ain't she cute? Fun fact # 2, after the studio session, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Denver. We feasted on a delicious meal at Maggiano's, then went shopping for some of my photoshoot duds.

This is the mixing board with the SEXY GIRL session and those amazingly talented hands you see belong to super-engineer Andy. We did so much editing and cool effects that the poor computer crashed several times.

I will let you know when the song is available for FREE download!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So 2 weeks ago my HP desktop crashed and I had to send it away via GEEK SQUAD. I found out over the weekend that I was in need of an exchange because long story short, the HP would cost too much to fix, so we got back our purchase price to put towards a new PC.

Well, my heart's desires were realized when I took the honor of Citadel Broadcasting's "Employee Of The Year 2O1O" last Friday! Well, apart from the honor and splendor of celebrating with my wife and co-workers, I got a nice little bonus of a GRAND!

That Grand + Original Purchase Price got me the above beauty you see and it is AWESOME! The learning curve is taking some getting used to, but I LOVE IT! I have heard nothing but great things about Macs so I am excited to learn all cool things they do. Here's a sample of what I've done thus far:

And this Photo Booth feature is COOL TOO!

Anyway...I will check in soon again. I'm working on a SMASH new electro-R&B-club banger called "SEXY GIRL" that is more along the lines of what I wanna do musically. I actually have a studio appointment in Denver at Side 3 Studios where a few major Colorado acts have recorded albums so I super stoked to see what the finished product turns out to be.

As always, peace, love and God Bless!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey Friends! I wanted to take a second to wish you a very Happy & Blessed 2O11! I hope that you had a great New Year's Eve celebration and countdown. I spent a wonderful evening at home and watched the mayhem from my couch. If you didn't know Colorado got a wee-bit of a snow storm Thursday and it was quite a spectacle on the roads. There were accidents all over the place but thankfully my little "White Boy" aka white Camry did a valiant job on the icy roads.

I have spent the week and holidays on Vacation. Well, VACATION was actually spent at home with my family. Needless to say it was not really a Vacation. My whole family was also home and I had no car to use. Anyway, I am actually excited about going back to work. It's amazing how much I love my family and truly need my space from them at the same time. Ah well. I STILL say the new year is blessed no matter what.

As I sit and write this HAPPY NEW YEAR blog, my wife is being hormonally dramatic about our 1 car situation. So, I bid you adieu for now and wish to leave you with a POSITIVE sentiment.

May 2O11 bring you peace, joy, prosperity, and abundant amounts of love from family & friends, but may FEAR, DOUBT, ANXIETY, and ANY NEGATIVITY flee far from you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I have been reflecting over the past year and any person would probably say they would be glad to leave behind such a year as mine.

Over 2010 I have seen the loss of my Tia, who I think about every day. I lost me beloved Schnauzer Jasmine after 13 wonderful years of life. I recovered from a horrible bicycle accident. I rebounded from a car accident that totaled my wife's 2 week old new car. I went through a stroke-scare with my mother. And last but not least, I saw the fruition of all my anxiety, doubt, and fears come to its peak boiling point.

BUT...at the end of the day everything from the above mentioned has made me a stronger person, and through my trials, I have learned that my Father in Heaven loves me abundantly. I feel as though I have obviously had some extreme low points, but its the high points that let me know everything will ultimately always work out.

It sure doesn't seem like it in the moment, but I can testify to you that its sincerely God's grace that keeps one from goin insane. Funny thing, I was researching anxiety, and coping with panic attacks last week and I came across a description that I felt matched my crazy little head. I noticed that General Anxiety Disorder seemed to fit me to a T.

Now I am not proclaiming that I have this disorder, but I sure do fit a lot of the criteria when I am having a BAD day! Anyhow, within the "Tips and tricks to dealing with your anxiety" I noticed that "THEY" being the scientific experts and know-it-alls recommended having a "FAITH" to turn to when times get tough.

I thought how interesting...that SCIENCE was telling a perfect stranger to rely on a "FAITH" to help cope with there anxiety. It's amazing how true that rings for me this past year. I have found that I am so much closer to God than I have probably ever been.

As I was sitting holding my Tia's hand as the cancer took her life away in the hospital, I felt the most genuine peace from God I ever felt. I can recall sitting with my Mom and Wife and you could hear a dust particle drop, that's how quiet the room was. There wasn't a rush of crying and emotion as she passed away, but more of a sincere beauty that death can bring to a loved one who's body is fading away painfully.

I probably sound like a Debbie downer and I certainly do not mean to make anyone feel bad, but my point is that even at our LOWEST OF LOW LIFE POINTS, HE aka The Creator of Heaven And Earth, the ONE, our Father In Heaven is there with you, watching you, feeling your pain, counting your tears, and holding your hand as you endure life's mandatory trials.

This my friends, is the GOOD NEWS! We are never alone. Even in the midst of the waves crashing against the rock in which you reside, That wonderful Creator loves you and will see you through it. Even better to root your self in his gospel, and find time during your day to pray or have a conversation with him.

It's kinda funny, but at last Sunday's Sacrament meeting in church, my Bishop spoke and it was almost like he was talking DIRECTLY to me cause it was what I needed to hear at that moment in time. He said that if Fear and Doubt was consuming our life, let Heavenly Father provide the necessary relief from an Unnecessary turmoil that we didn't have to suffer with. Honestly at the end of the day, we cannot control what happens anyway, so no sense in worrying about the unexpected right? Right.

I'll leave you with a creative idea my Mom had me put together....A "Naranjo Christmas List 2010" and on that list there are 3 things each member of my family must fill out "My Gift To Jesus Christ", "My Gift To Myself," and "My 2011 Wishes". Feel free to share this with your family this Christmas and skip the unnecessary "2011 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS" that are forgotten by February.

On that note, I wish you and your family, friends, and beloveds a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will see ya in 2011!

PS, here's the Winter Solstice Eclipse that happened the other day. I was asleep through it, but man it sure is cool! Check it out below:

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm a LOSER!

I apologize to the 2 of you that read this blog religiously. I know it's been a while since I have blogged, but the radio biz has been B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Anyway, I hope you are doing well. All is good in the land O' Bobby Adan. I'm very happy to say I have been eating prunes and grape nuts regularly and I am quite regular as well LOL! TMI?!

Lemme recap what's happened the past month..um...Thanksgiving was a blast, I ate till my pants split open, and then I starved myself and put in overtime at the gym to get back in shape.

December has been pretty busy radio-wise, but my little baby nephew turned 3 years old, and my wife turned 27! Over the course of a week I had a party at McDonald's play land (ironically with a medical marijuana clinic across the street!) and then spent a couple nights in Denver for my wifey's birthday.

It's been a whirlwind of good craziness, but the body has a way of saying "HOLD UP!" I noticed some huge tense knots and pains in my neck and shoulders. Well I was blessed enough to have a 1 hour massage and I am hooked!

I've never had a massage and I was SO nervous, but it was awesome! I did a couples massage with my wife and I think I actually fell asleep for a minute or so during the whole experience. Needless to say I was so pleased with the results, and not to sound gross, but it was a HAPPY ENDING! Not THAT happy ending, but an ending that left me relaxed and free from all tension in my back and neck.

Anyhoo...I'll leave you for now. Blessings!

Love me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Women Of SNL.

The talent pool from SNL is astounding. Kristen Wiig and Molly Shannon are some satnd outs and I found these videos that have kept me laughing...literally...laughing out loud.

This is "Aunt Linda" played by Kristen Wiig who does a very negative and HILARIOUS movie review. This character reminds me of someone I know....in a funny good way.

This last video I want to share is "Helen Madden" aka the JOYOLOGIST. Helen is played by Molly Shannon and this skit was hilarious to me from a young age.

Friday, October 29, 2010

You Got Mail.

From my inbox this morning. Such an informative and tactful SUBJECT line.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


These are the things that I noticed this week:


TRON LEGACY'S sneek peek! This looks SO good! I will see this the DAY it comes out. I saw the Tron toys at Target today as well, and they are VERY cool! I want the light-up disc thing =P

Funniest Text From Last Night:

"(516): There are going to be so many Snookis this Halloween that I might dress as the guy that hit her and punch them all in the face."

Most Pathetic/Funny F-M-L moments:

"Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She said she wanted to stay just friends. Not only did I get denied, apparently we're also "just friends." FML

"Today, my husband informed me that his father adopted a dog. I replied "Cool," he then said, "She happens to have your name." I think my father in law is trying to send me a message. FML"


Her name is Cheryl Cole and she is HOT. She is a former girl bander from a British Girl Group called Girls Aloud. She now judges on the UK's X-Factor and has just released her 2nd solo album Messy Little Raindrops. "Promise This" is the lead single and she captivated me the moment I saw those thigh-highs. Check out the LIVE performance on her show X-Factor!

BEST People Of Wal-Mart photo:

Wow is all I can say...


"These two just have to share everything."


"Bamboo For Me!"

"Don't let anyone tell you Bamboo isn't a pet."

Monday, October 18, 2010


Not really...but that's kinda how I'm feelin' lately. I don't mean my clothes TAKE IT OFF, I mean my fears, insecurities and worries about the things that I cannot control. Taking off the fear and doubt and letting GOD be more powerful in my life and trusting that my life has a purpose.

I have been working like a mad man lately to get some songs done that a Producer (who shall remain unnamed) sent me. He found me on Twitter, and has worked with a pretty major Top 40 artist. Well, needless to say, we went back and forth and this all took place over a month ago. Long story short I was able to send him my first song this past Friday.

He said that the song was "Dope," and that I should keep my catalogue growing. I asked about working with him further, which was my hope all along, but alas that's not what he had in mind. Can't say I wasn't a bit upset, but what can ya do right? So, on to the next opportunity!

I sent the song I sent the original producer to some other industry folks and so far Kandi Buruss (platinum writer for TLC, Mariah Carey etc also a real housewife of Atlanta) said that my first ever solo lyric composition was great! I was so honored and humbled that she took the time to listen to me and actually give me feedback!

Essentially, I'm not giving up on the dream yet, nor will I ever. I have prayed and fasted and I know that God will allow what is supposed to happen in my life with me...HAPPEN. I still feel like that 19 yr old kid some days who had a developmental deal from Warner Brothers and one of the most successful song writer/producers in the industry wanting to work with me.

Basically the lesson I've learned...IRONICALLY from the producer who just opted to not work with me, is "Don't place all your eggs in a shaky basket."

Wise words in fact. I suppose the music industry isn't what it used to be, and perhaps I have in fact missed my window of opportunity, but no one can break my spirits and take away my ability to dream about what can be. I am learning you have to MAKE your opportunities happen sometimes and not just sit there with a thumb up your bum. Take initiative and go for it. What have I got to lose?

I will keep on trucking away at this crazy industry called music, and maybe one day soon, I will be able to garner some success and bless my loved ones.

So on that note, I leave you with a song by Ke$ha that I tried working on. It's called TAKE IT OFF...enjoy!!!

CLICK HERE for TAKE IT OFF by Bobby Adan

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well....I'M ALLLLIIIVVVVVVEEEE! And boy does it feel good baby!

A week ago today I had my bike accident and now I am back to work and healing just perfectly. I swear my Father in Heaven loves me. My only complaint is that I am itchy as HAIL! All my skin is re-growing so I like to think I'm like Wolverine with a mutant power...but needless to say, I'm itchy!

I spoke to my old buddy/producer Todd today and he said that he may be willing to help me engineer/doctor-up a song that I wrote for another producer that is UBER talented that has opted to work with me. The good thing is that Todd is UBER talented as well and I am probably his biggest fan! If you didn't know, Todd produced my entire debut album on iTunes & Amazon MP3 now.

Just a little quick history on Todd and I...we started working together WAY back in 1999 when I had a deal with Warner Brothers/Manusee Records. Well that deal fell through and Todd and I kept working throughout the years and were able to accomplish an impressive body of POP work. If you hear anything on Top 40 radio right now, Todd is the guy that brings that sound, so in my humble opinion he is like my Dr. Luke or Max Martin!

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the new song, "She's Fine (And She's Knows It)"! The song is a bit more Urban and R&B than my debut album which I like to think of as a POP OPUS, but I am excited to spread my wing as a writer and grow in this fickle industry called music.

Wish me luck friends....I need it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogging on bed rest.

So...I have pretty much had a hard week my friends. On Tuesday at approximately 6:15PM, I had a pretty nasty bicycle accident on the paved bike trail where I live in Colorado. Obviously I am ok, but I am on my 3rd day of bed rest per the ER doctor's orders, and I feel like I was hit by a truck...or I slammed into the cement after flipping over my bike.

Anyhoo, needless to say its been a rough week. I'm healing from a sprained wrist, bruised abdomen, missing skin on my arms and knee (road burn), and a banged up head to toe body.

From what I can remember, I was going down hill on my bike (NO BIKE HELMET) and I stretched out my feet and the tip of my shoe went into my front wheel spokes.

At that moment, I was ejected over my bike's handle bars, but not before they had enough time to turn into my abdomen stabbing and giving me a severe contusion (bruise). Well the whole scene was in slow motion, but happened at lightening speed if that makes any sense.

I can recall my bike flipping as I was flying in the air hurling toward that fateful cold white cement. My head bounced off the hard bike trail as I crash landed with no air in my body. I literally had knocked the wind out of me as they say and all I could gasp was "HELP ME HEAVENLY FATHER!"

Well after God saw fit to bestow the gift of breath back into my lungs, I lie there on the cement just still and paralyzed with shock and fear of what was happening to me.

I kid you not, the thought in my head was, "this cannot be happening...am I actually laying here on the floor?!" Well, thankfully some bike path walkers ran over to me and instantly started helping me. A very kind woman helped me get to my feet, but I almost passed out, so she made me sit back down.

This earthly Angel called my family so they could come get me. Thankfully my Mother in her triumphant Toyota Venza chariot came speeding down the bike path illegally to my rescue.

We then headed over to the ER where I remained for the next 7 hours. After 2 CAT scans, several X-Rays, a painful scrubbing of my road rash wounds, and a few doses of pain medication, the doctor said I was a lucky little boy to not have more serious injuries. I did have a little bit of Heavenly help by way of two great Elder's from the LDS church who came to give me a blessing. Brother Flint and Colburn were awesome and so compassionate.

I've been on bed rest for 3 days so far, and I have a headache that comes and goes causing me slight nauseousness. My body feels like it was hit by a semi, but day 3 is so much better than day 1. I was literally crying like a baby in pain the next morning as my poor wife left me to go to work.

Thankfully, my accident wasn't a horrible tragedy like it could have been according to all the medical professionals who told me to wear a helmet from now on. I must agree that I am blessed from my Father in Heaven. He looked out for me, and help my hand every step of the way, and for that my testimony is even that much stronger and I am so grateful.

I no longer have "white boy Jr ", aka my white mountain bike. May he rest in peace, and I wish to thank him for helping me to lose 35 pounds over the summer and early fall. White Boy Jr. was the best bike a 30 year old kid ever got, and he will be missed dearly.

On that note my friends, the moral of the story is to always protect yourself with the appropriate helmet and gear, and to count your blessings daily. In an instant, your whole life can change...thankfully mine is changed for the better, as I will be wise about my bike safety.

Have a happy weekend friends =)


Friday, October 1, 2010


Forgive me and my blogging ways for I have SINNED! I cannot believe it's October already. Summer went by like the speed of light for me so it seems. I do look forward to fall weather and scents in the air though.

Lots has been happening and busy in Bobby's World, and I have not had one chance to sit down and blog, so purrty please forgive me!

Well let's see...I have recorded some new music. CLICK HERE to hear a sample of what I have been experimenting with. I have also been busy performing...I did a show last Monday with The Ready Set and it was AWESOME! I sang a brand new song called Suck 4 U and everybody kept saying it reminded them of Michael Jackson or Prince, so I think thats a good sign. One guy even asked me what my "RAP" song was called...LOLOL! I was like RAP?!!!!

Work at the Radio station has been busy and good. I've been popping up as Best Friend Bobby aka BFB on the air at Magic FM, and I gotta say I sure do miss it. I filled in on the morning show and it was a blast!

Other than that, steady as she goes. I hope to have more information about some great things goin on in my world with some new ventures, so I promise to keep up at my blogging!

Have a great weekend...I'll leave you with Mariah's newly released "Oh Santa" single from her new album dropping November 22nd! The album "Merry Christmas II You" will be MC's 2nd Holiday album. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Hello thurr...

Life has kept me quite busy for a the past week, so I apologize for noT checking in. Lotsa changes going on in my world. Some good, some not so good, and some POTENTIALLY AMAZING.

I won't let and pre-info about my activities out just yet, but I will say I have the opportunity to hone my musical craft, and work with someone amazingly talented!

I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and I will check in soon. Be safe =]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's Been A While...

Well, Life has been keeping me busy for a while so I apologize to the 3 of you who actually read this blog.

Anycoochie, I have just been busy and all over the place. I've gotten a lot of questions about how my album is doing and to be honest, not quite sure. I receive a report in about 6 months, but I tend to think it isn't accurate. I am most likely neck and neck with Katy Perry right about now which isn't a bad place to be ;-)

I kid, but overall, things are going well. Still networking and trying to get that dream musical situation that allows me to record great music for a living, so we shall see what the future holds for one little Bobby.

On the plus, I have been doing well with my dieting and fitness. I rode my bike last night for about 20 miles. I started from downtown Colorado Springs and made my way north the 98.9 Magic FM studios! That's 20 MILES FOLKS! Not bad eh?

And it gets even better. I have been blessed with new music from some amazing artists that I'm listening to on my iPod everyday.

So far I've acquired new music from LOLENE:

Expect FUN pop/dance/electro songs from Lolene. I happen to be friends with her on Facebook and Twitter as well, and she is just such a cute girl with a hilarious personality. She's a really great artist with a hunger and drive for all things pop, so I definitely recommend her album when it hits stores soon! This is the single cover for her song "Rich" which is available on iTunes now.

Matt Pokora:

Now this album may be hard for you to come by. In fact I had to order my copy off Ebay! This album was released in France seeing as Matt Pokora is a FRENCH singer. He often gets comparisons to being the French Justin Timberlake. He can dance, has swagger, and his music is ALL ear candy. This album has a lot of electro-urban-pop and 7 of the song are done in English whilst the rest of the album is in French, but I swear you will love the music. Here is the album cover for Matt's new album, "Mise A Jour." While your at it, check out his ALL English album MP3 that was released last year. It has production from Timbaland, Ryan Leslie, J.R. Rotem and The Bioniks. Great artist!

Katy Perry:

This is probably the album of 2010. I enjoy it cause Katy charges into a more poppy-electro-rock-dancy theme with this new album. I truly haven't heard one song on this album that I don't LOVE. Katy should dominate the charts with her "Teenage Dream" album with some impressive first week sales numbers. Some standout tracks include the makes me blush "Peacock." Now this song sounds like a Rihanna track with raunchy lyrics about a man's...well, Peacock. Another GREAT track is "Circle The Drain" which is a rocky-urban jam that has amazing production and lyrics. There's "Last Friday Night" which in my opinion is the new anthem for every drunk girl who likes to hook-up at an STD-ridden club on the weekend. "E.T." is a cool electro-rock sounding jam that almost sounds like a Lady Gaga song but better. Overall, this album is definitely an A+ and TOTALLY better than her debut, One of The Boys. Make sure to buy this album, you will NOT be disappointed.

And...Usher Versus:

Usher has RE-released his Raymond VS Raymond album with 7 new songs, but considering this economy, he has been kind enough to release just an EP with the new songs. On this album Usher has his RADIO SMASH, "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love", as well as the urban club banger, "Hot Tottie" featuring a hilarious self-indulged rap from Jay-Z and amazing guest background vocals from Ester Dean. Another Highlight is Usher's remixed version of Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love." The track was completely revamped and has an R&B-hard hitting Hip Hop/Pop vibe to it that in my opinion, should have been done in the first place. Justin Bieber is on the second verse, and it kinda sounds like his balls are beginning to drop cause I hear a difference in his tone. It has a lower quality to it. Anyway, the album is great, and a definite must have for any true R&B fan. Here is the album cover below.

Oh and don't forget this GUY:

Album is on sale now and it's truly a POP OPUS! CLICK HERE review and get your copy =]


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

K-POP is my calling.

So I came across this K-POP group (KOREAN POP) called 2NE1 and I LOVE them! No they aren't HOT like The Pussycat Dolls, but I love the music, energy, dancing and WEIRD looks that these chicks bring. Check out their music video for their single called "FOLLOW ME."

Funky beats, dancing and visuals? SIGN ME UP! Also, word is Black Eyed Peas front man WILL-I-AM will be helping to produce the girls American debut in 2011 but for now they are focusing on all things Asian. (via The Prophet Blog)

Cool huh?!!!!

In ot
her KICK ASS NEWS, this chick named LOLENE is a new artist who is coming out with her album LIONHEART in a couple months. Well she just shot a video for her new single RICH (FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT) <----LOVE that title. Anyway, she is smokin' hot, and I see a bright future for this girl. Her lyrics are odd, fun, and catchy.

Her music is Electro-pop and it is all ear candy. Her single is available now on iTunes (right next to BOBBY ADAN oddly) and I can't stop listening to it. The video makes me like this song even more. Check it out:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My FUTURE Life In France.

So I am reading this GREAT book called "My Life In France" from the French Chef extraordinaire herself, Julia Child. Yes I know this sounds weird, but I saw the movie "Julie & Julia" (inspired by Julia Child's book) a while back and it has been in my DVD player ever since.

You might ask why I love this movie so much....me too. The whole premise of the movie was about taking chances and discovering what your passion is in life, and DOING SOMETHING about it. How profound.

In the movie, the main character Juile is 29 turning 30 ans SCARED crap-less about the state of her life. Well that hit a nerve. Through course of cooking her way through Julia Child's "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking," she realized 30 was okay, and she achieved her dreams of being a published writer.

Now, cooking won't help me get my dreams of being an internationally known recording artist realized, but it's the simple idea that greatness is a choice, and you can decide to choose to do great things, or watch other people around you do great things while you watch.

My greatness, in my humble opinion, is not defined by me selling MILLIONS of albums and being filthy rich (it could be, and I wouldn't hate that idea) but rather, being happy with your life and what you ALREADY have. There's a saying I have on my Facebook profile quote that says "Happiness is wanting what you already have."

How true that sentiment is for me. I have a wife who adores me with all my flawed loveability. I have a Mother & Father who are amazing in so many ways, and have proven to be supreme parents throughout my young 30 years. I have a sister who is so amazingly complex, but loving and caring, and my best friend. I have a nephew who is the key to my existence. He provides a spirit so close to Godliness that he can warm my heart even on it's coldest days. I have the most entertaining and loyal dogs and cat anyone could ever hope for. And, most importantly, I have a testimony of the power of God's presence and work in my life.

I won't site here and tell you I'm super spiritual and able to walk on water, but I will tell you that I know I have a Father in Heaven who loves me know matter how imperfect I can be. I know that HE has provided a plan of salvation and that if I am worthy and diligent till my end, I can go live with Him again one day. It's kinda funny cause the radio stations I work for are running those catchy "I'm a Mormon" commercials all the time, and I seem to be the go-to-Mormon guy of why The LDS church is advertising. Good times.

Anyway, this blog post was to tell you how great "My Life In France" by Julia Child is. So there you have it, THE BOOK IS A GREAT READ. Julia wrote this book with her grand-nephew and she has such a way of captivating your senses that you almost feel like you are in France with her. From the way she describes the delicious smells, aromas, and tastes of French cooking, to her childlike sense of wonderment in discovering her passion for French food and culture. In one of the lines, Julia says: "I just must BE French"

I'm not done with the book yet, but it is so good. I read it on my lunch hour and end up with a vigorous salivating hunger for food. Not good when you are trying to watch your diet with healthy foods. I feel fat just reading about the amount of butter, cheese and bread within the book's pages. Anyway, I found some pics from the book that I thought you might enjoy. The photos are from Julia's loving husband and soulmate, Paul Child (in the middle photo):

Bon Appetit!